At the 'End of History' Still Stands Democracy

At the 'End of History' Still Stands Democracy
The year 1989 marked only a sudden acceleration of a broader trend that the late Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington labeled the "third wave" of democratization, a wave that had begun with the transitions in southern Europe and Latin America …
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Five Minutes With… Ward Ulmer, Associate Dean, Walden University
Staying current is always an issue. Higher education needs to keep up with the needs of students and business. With the advent of technology, especially over the last decade, so much more knowledge and data is available just a few clicks away. There …
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Long-Term Opportunity in Tech Sector Volatility
During the most recent earnings season, a lot of companies reported that they had experienced large share price declines, but when we listened to their earnings calls and we heard the earnings reports, often we found the businesses were doing quite …
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