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Changing shipping patterns may shrink logistics industry
“Whoever thought that UPS would have so much freight in its system that it basically choked the 'Big Brown' machine? That was quite a unique event that we experienced this past December." Yet Larkin stressed that e-commerce is growing at 15% per year …
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More research needed on research management
But Cloete warned of the dangers of “mimetic normative isomorphism”, a term derived from organisational theory that describes the tendency of organisations (usually lacking clarity on goals and strategy) to mimic the management systems of high-status …
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Acquia buys TruCentric to boost its cred in personalized content
The company, which built a range of content management system services atop open-source Drupal, is buying TruCentric, a SaaS firm specializing in real-time customer profiling. Customer profiling/user engagement is tech speak for digging out information …
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