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Internet users cannot be sued for browsing the web, ECJ rules
"In our view, [the temporary copying] exception is designed to protect ISPs and telecoms companies when they're transmitting data from A to B in networks. The PR spin put on this case was that if our ruling was allowed to stand then users of the …
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Microsoft finally launches IE Developer Channel, featuring support for
16 June '14, 03:59pm. Follow. Microsoft today announced the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, a fully-functioning browser designed to give Web developers and early adopters an advance look at what features the company is currently working on. You …
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For Internet Explorer 11 users, no update now means no security fixes
This is another sign of Microsoft's new approach to Internet Explorer's development. Internet Explorer 11 was pushed out to Windows 7 users as an automatic update, which is good news for Web developers, as it means that more people are running a modern …
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