Web Trackers Paint a Fresh Picture of You

Web Trackers Paint a Fresh Picture of You
Not only are the techniques found in use years ago still employed widely on some of the Internet's highest-trafficked sites, but new methods and improvements have appeared, and there's still neither an effective way to block most of these tracking …
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Internet Party gig tour kicks off
Over 500 people turned up to the Internet Party's "pumping" party in Auckland, but Christchurch's event looks set to be double the size. In a bid to connect with voters face-to-face, Kim Dotcom's Internet Party is hosting four gigs in Wellington …
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Shop Direct brings in more sales by bringing usability testing in house
… for the web only retailer. For each of those tests, Shop Direct, No. 7 in the Internet Retailer Europe 500 shelled out around $ 6,000 for the external agency to run the test and recruit the particular demographic of consumers Shop Direct wanted to …
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