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Couple Sexually Abused Amish Sisters, Officials Say
Neither Mr. Howells nor Ms. Vaisey had a criminal record, Sheriff Wells said. Mr. Howells worked as a nurse at … Ms. Rain said in an interview that during their captivity, the sisters were held in Mr. Howells's home in Hermon, N.Y. As part of the …
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EHR use correlates with predicted, reduced mortality
They then determined a predicted mortality rate and compared it to the actual mortality rate to see if a hospital performed better or worse than expected, and then compared it to each hospital's level of EHR adoption, using HIMSS' Electronic Medical …
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AveraChart offers patients electronic access to health records
Avera is offering a new way for patients to become a more active partner in their own health care through AveraChart, a secure Internet portal to a patient's individual electronic medical record. Avera hospitals and clinics are now enrolling patients …
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