Mobile tech reshaping the health sector

Mobile tech reshaping the health sector
"We've gotten to a point where with sensors either in the phone or wearables gather information that we couldn't do in the past without going to a medical center," says Gerry Purdy, analyst at Compass Intelligence. "You can do the heart rate, mobile …
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Ottawa man hopeful as hospital looks into use of 'black boxes'
The health care crusader, now 79 and all-but given up on his exhausting struggle to improve patient care, finally allowed himself a smile when he learned that cameras will start rolling inside surgery rooms at Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital. Too …
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How 3D printing replaced cadavers in medical study
However many medical schools report either a shortage of cadavers, or find their handling and storage too expensive as a result of strict regulations governing where cadavers can be dissected," he said. "Without … Real anatomical specimens are …
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