Rural phone calls lost in web of 'least-cost-routing' services

Rural phone calls lost in web of 'least-cost-routing' services
It's a nasty side effect of the growing complexity of the global telecommunications system, as the old circuit-switched network that once was operated primarily by AT&T in the United States has transformed into a maze of Internet-based technologies and …
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The Internet's Original Sin
I've been thinking of this world, one I've worked in for over 20 years, as a fiasco since reading a lecture by Maciej Cegłowski, delivered at the Beyond Tellerrand web design conference. Cegłowski is an important and influential programmer and an …
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Billionaire Chases T-Mobile, Bankrolls Free Internet Startup
… for T-Mobile USA. Now it turns out Niel has also put money into Open Garden, the San Francisco-based startup told Forbes, and its so-called mesh networking technology aimed at spreading online connections to anyone with a smartphone. … Open …
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