Electronic nose sniffs out hospital superbug in faeces

Electronic nose sniffs out hospital superbug in faeces
"Current tests for C. difficile don't generally give strain information — this test could allow doctors to see what strain was causing the illness and allow doctors to tailor their treatment," said Martha Clokie from Leicester's department of …
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City agencies boost services with new tech projects
One of the biggest tech projects in the works is the Deptartment of Information Technology's proposal to retrofit up to 9,100 pay phone kiosks into Wi-Fi hot spots. The city received several applications for the proposal that will give new life to the …
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Dallas County gets futuristic general hospital
“Hospitals understand the importance of technology and connecting information across medical devices,” said Chantal Worzala, director of policy for the American Hospital Association. The national group tracks trends in 5,500 U.S. hospitals, including …
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