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Catherine Pugh: The way forward on net neutrality
In the Internet Age, technology can be used to foster greater social and economic equity, but it can just as easily be distorted to further disenfranchise America's have-nots. In the Ferguson city police shooting, for instance, social media is the …
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The Suicided Activist II: Aaron Swartz beyond Post-Mortem Diagnosis
In short, Swartz was never a poster boy for technological utopianism; his thoughts about usefulness of the Internet as an agent of change were nuanced and evolving. As one of the web's architects, he helped make the Internet into the technology we use …
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Hughes Becomes First Satellite Internet Provider to Surpass One Million Active
Today's announcement is the latest in a series of "firsts" for Hughes, the company that invented VSAT technology in the mid-80s and launched the satellite networking industry. Since first introducing satellite Internet service to consumers in the late …
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