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The Technology of 2022: Battery Superstorage, Nanobots, and Networked
It's the internet of things, where we ourselves become a thing. The report is really a series of reports, each one examining each of the aforementioned 23 technologies in great detail. It's open-access and worth a deep dive. Some other highlights …
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Which Technologies Will Dominate in 2022?
The Internet of Things will let us dress in clothes that monitor all our activities. Nanotechnology will enable lives to be saved by digestible cameras and machines made from particles 50,000 times as small as a human hair. And amid the exponential …
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Experts warn of 'Bash Bug' affecting Mac, Linux; what are the risks? (Q&A)
At home, a hacker who takes control of an Internet router could consume so much bandwidth for online mischief that the owner gets hit with a huge bill from service providers that impose monthly data caps, said Dave Lewis, Akamai Technologies' global …
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