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Hospital Explanation of Ebola Man Release Opens Questions
“As a standard part of the nursing process, the patient's travel history was documented and available to the full care team in the electronic health record (EHR), including within the physician's workflow.” There “was no flaw in the EHR in the way the …
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Patient review of medication lists can improve accuracy of their EHRs
The researchers noted that for such a program to work it needed to fit into the clinicians' workflow and that both software and human involvement was required. "[P]atients can be effectively engaged online to improve the accuracy of the information …
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7 Ways to Use Smartphones and Tablets in the OR
Some apps also connect to EMR software, so the transcriptions can go directly into a patient's medical record. Most popular dictation services are now offering these apps. If you're tempted to just use a free recording app found online, you may want to …