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Behind League of Legends, E-Sports's Main Attraction
At its most basic level, League of Legends is a game of capture the flag, though that is a bit like describing brain surgery as “a medical procedure.” Before play … Instead of chopping stuff into timesaving bits — turning information into listicles …
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Berry farms' neighbors fuming over use of chemical
We asked about if any of these symptoms are consistent with any information they have,” and Arkema officials say no, Rackley said. “We won't be able to come back and do something” (meet with the public) until those questions are answered and the Health …

ONC report confirms struggles on EHR interoperability
“Electronic health information is not yet sufficiently standardized to allow seamless interoperability, as it is still inconsistently expressed through technical and medical vocabulary, structure, and format, thereby limiting the potential uses of the …