Animated movie turns Godzilla

Animated movie turns Godzilla
In the movie, Baymax is a 'personal healthcare companion,' programmed to scan humans and administer aid. He becomes much more after being adopted by Hiro, a teenage robotics prodigy who sets out to battle a villain who has stolen his big invention.
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Nina Pham Confirmed As First Known Person To Contract Ebola In U.S.
The identity of the Dallas health care worker who contracted Ebola after treating a patient who later died of the virus has been confirmed. The family of 26-year-old Nina Pham, a nurse at Dallas' Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, confirmed the news …
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Congress Proposes Three Changes To Social Security That Make Sense
For example, the elderly spend a lot more money on health care services, something that has experienced higher than average rates of inflation over the past few years. This means that the elderly, due to their spending habits, experience different …
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