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Ebola: What Should We Do Now?
All 19 previously known outbreaks of Ebola were ended by a combination of case finding, isolation of infected victims, use of protective clothing by health-care workers, and rigorous procedures for removing and disposing of clothing and equipment used …
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Student inventors create detection system for African sleeping sickness
The device, made using cheap LEDs and a Raspberry Pi computer, costs less than £60, putting a diagnostic kit solution based on the team's concept potentially within reach of healthcare systems in developing countries. Joseph Mackinnon, Microbiology …
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How to Know What Your DNA Says About You
It compares a person's DNA to entries in SNPedia, a public wiki on human genetics that Lennon and Cariaso created and run with the help of “a few dozen” volunteer editors. The concept was to build a wiki, modeled on Wikipedia, to keep track of what …
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