DARPA: A Glimpse Into the Future

DARPA: A Glimpse Into the Future
According to UCLA professor Yong Chen “the project will lead to…the creation of the next generation of electronic circuits with intelligent behaviors…and dynamic interactions/control of biological systems.” Speaking of sci-fi, DARPA's Avatar … In …
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How CIOs Can Prepare for Healthcare 'Data Tsunami'
Electronic health record (EHR) systems, already in use at a large majority of hospitals, account for a great deal of the data production IDC is tracking. But a whole galaxy of other health applications, … Then, too, there is the proliferation of …
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Identity and Access Management: HCA Healthcare's Big-Scale Approach
But a person's EHR [electronic health record] information is worth at least $ 50. Yes, experts are now concluding that the identities of healthcare consumers and patients are worth $ 50 or even $ 75, which is extraordinary, in context. Why do you think …
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