Who holds the keys to the smart home kingdom?

Who holds the keys to the smart home kingdom?
Along with a breadth of devices, WeMo's strength is the backend intelligence which lets you schedule actions, trigger events and tap into powerful web services like 'If This Then That.' Expanding beyond home automation, Belkin has unveiled new WeMo …
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The Apple Pay for Android?
Plus, Near Field Communications wireless technology, which is used for mobile payments via smartphones in-store, hadn't been adopted yet by Apple, the mobile trendsetter.” Today, though, with the sudden surge of interest in paying via smartphone thanks …
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What Would Kim Dotcom's MegaNet Look Like? (Op-Ed)
That could be the reasoning behind Kim Dotcom's recent tweet, a cryptic message about how the internet and the blockchain (or at least a blockchain) should be combined into something called the MegaNET. Dotcom, the founder of the now defunct …
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