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My Mad Quest to Fix Email Showed Me the Real Reason We Hate It
Endless reply-all chains, useful information buried midthread. To deal … Someday, I'm sure, we'll communicate through direct brain-to-brain interfaces; email will seem, to our great zombie hive mind, like cave drawings do to us now, and the …
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MIT calls car-to-car communication one of 10 'Breakthrough Technologies for 2015'
General Motors' V2V (vehicle to vehicle) communication technology has the potential to mitigate many traffic collisions by sending and receiving basic safety information such as location, speed and direction of travel, between vehicles that are …

Kenya: Microsoft unveils ICT course for policymakers
“The Center's 20 years of working with government leaders to enhance their capabilities to generate greater public value through innovative uses of information and communication technologies and collaborations is the foundation for the program,” added …
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