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Medical marijuana: let the doctors, not politicians, sort it out
In controversial areas of medicine, it is better to start with a somewhat restricted approach and then gradually liberalise the conditions. But policymakers will have to be ever mindful of the fact that cannabis is an easy and cheap plant to cultivate …
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The Medical Anthropology Wiki – New and Improved
The wiki I set up a year ago to cover the basics of medical anthropology has been significantly expanded by the graduate students working in my Theory and Methods in Medical Anthropology class. With 40 new entries, the site now has 69 total entries.
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Doctors Decide They Need to Be the Ones Editing Medical Wikipedia Articles
But the reality is that no matter how much you'd prefer the knowledge of a doctor, there will be times that you'll have to consult the internet when you find yourself in a medical quandary. And it's likely that you'll consult either WebMD or WIkipedia …
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