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Research Projects at 3 Illinois Universities Get Funding From Newly Launched
Peter O'Donnell (University of Chicago): O'Donnell's new tool allows health care providers find the best medication for their patients by harnessing the patient's unique genetic profile and drug-efficacy studies to provide physicians personalized drug …
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Is Hillary Clinton the of Presidential Candidates?
She'll be the of candidates. Right now, Clinton has a commanding lead in the polls over every likely GOP opponent. Polls this early don't tell us much of anything about likely election outcomes, but they do suggest that Clinton starts …
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Preventing Ebola? These 3 Healthcare Stocks Are Working On It
As healthcare providers get better at sticking to new, stricter guidelines associated with caring for patients with infectious disease, healthcare workers will increasingly use disposable protective gear like the gowns, goggles, and gloves made by …
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