Learning Management System

LearningStreme is an Integrated Learning Management System incorporating traditional Learning and Development (internal or external classroom based, face to face) and OnLine Learning (anywhere …
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Entrepreneur launches guide to the ever-growing DC Tech scene

Entrepreneur launches guide to the ever-growing DC Tech scene
Brandon Luong, founder of Guanxi Innovations, a D.C.-based web and mobile design and branding firm, has loosed the DMV Startup Wiki on the world. Designed as an outgrowth of Luong's DMV Startup Handbook, a web publication released in November …
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Wikipedia Bot Writes 10000 Articles a Day
If the writing style on Wikipedia seems occasionally stilted, turns out there may be a perfectly good reason for that. An increasing number of entries on Wikipedia are being authored by automated software, or bots, that pull raw information from …
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Focus on Migration: A tech 'wiki' site could improve lives
Wikipedia is probably the best example of a website that allows users to share and edit information in real time. But several other sites based on the 'wiki' model provide a sharing platform specifically for technologies that could help improve lives …
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Introduction Video for Enterprise Presentation

A brief look at the inspiration behind the L2 IT Diploma Enterprise Project.
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Content Management System

http://www.vebdesigns.com/content-writing.php TIME SAVING SOLUTIONS WITH CONTENT MANAGEMENT.
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Centralpoint for Online Education – CME, Continuing Medical Education, Distance Learning

Centralpoint’s Online Education module suite empowers your organiztion to provide online learning tools, including email notification, history of past tests taken, and even full reporting to…

Information Technology For Health Professions

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John Chan, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon: St. Joseph’s Hospital-North

John Chan, M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North. Watch as he describes the latest procedures and technology available in orthopedics at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North….

Barmetrix Learning Management System

Barmetrix Online Learning Management System Supplier Presentation.
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In this webinar, Joseph Tota, associate principal of Caveo Learning, outlines best practices for realizing the business benefits of Learning Management Systems (LMS). He shares real-world case…

Los Wikis en la educacion.wmv

Un trabajo de la FESI (Psicología) para la materia de laboratorio aplicado 4. Integrantes: Cruz Rodríguez Zaira, Rodríguez Castillo Pablo Matusalen, Rodríguez Ibarra Angélica Pancha.
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Electronic Medical Records

ITGS Presentation Eletronic Medical Records – Chapter 12 Section 2 by Matt Glover.
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