Go-to storage and disaster recovery products

Go-to storage and disaster recovery products
Some of these locations have poor Internet connections, so accessing and uploading files to the company server was very painful. Also, since the files are now stored in the cloud, we no longer have the single point of failure that we had before (if our …
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Faster Internet and more of it with UB Wi-Fi initiatives
Access to high-speed, reliable Internet may have once been a luxury, but now, with the increasingly dominant presence of technology in daily life, it's more of a necessity than ever before – especially in an academic setting, where students have to use …
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Mesh networks may become the new web; allows smartphones to connect to
A number of Indian firms — AirJaldi Networks and Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), among them — are using this technology to provide internet connectivity in rural areas. USbased startup Open Garden Technologies, a pioneer in this technology, …
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