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Listen to the soothing sounds of Wikipedia being edited
If you are thinking of opening a spa, or you're just having a stressful day and in need of mellowing out, we have the perfect playlist for you: Wikipedia. Each Wikipedia edit has been given its own sound – gentle bells play for new additions and string …
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Don't You Dare Use 'Comprised Of' On Wikipedia: One Editor Will Take It Out
I think of English usage as one of those subjects like cocktails or the British royal family. A lot of people take a passing interest in it but you never know who's going to turn out to be a true believer — the kind of person who complains about the …
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Chengdu's 3D future
“Similar to (online Chinese marketplace) Taobao, Wiki-factory works as a platform,” said Ms Rebel, explaining that customers can upload a design, customise what they need through the platform and find a franchisee to fabricate or print it with a 3D …