Latest Collaborative Technologies News

How Technology Can Benefit Physical Education Classes
Tech tools and physical education can go hand in hand … An activity such as this lends itself to student collaboration and allows the instructor to interact with small groups for a personalized experience. A scavenger hunt, or similar type of activity …

CommuniCaptcha: Secure & Collaborative Intranet Technology
Here at Claromentis, we take security very seriously. We understand how vital your intranet is to your company community, and we always endeavour to discover new ways of keeping your intranet safe and secure. We also take great pride in providing digital …

Nevada County’s Collaborative Technology Center
“Passion” isn’t a word commonly used in conjunction with technology. But “passion” is what has made Nevada County’s Collaborative Technology Center a reality — and a success. Chief Information Officer Steve Monaghan wanted to create a …
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