Compromised electronic health records may haunt you forever

EHR (electronic health records)
electronic health records
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Compromised electronic health records may haunt you forever
A recent report on the Deep Web black market for electronic health records (EHRs) by researchers affiliated with the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology has pointed out what most of us already know: healthcare systems are relentlessly and …

Electronic Health Records May Help Customize Medical Treatments
Chances are your doctor has stopped taking notes with pen and paper and moved to computer records. That is supposed to help coordinate your care. Increasingly, researchers are also exploring these computerized records for medical studies and gleaning facts …
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Why Doctors Don’t Like Electronic Health Records
Why are doctors so slow in implementing electronic health records (EHRs)? The government has been trying to get doctors to use these systems for some time, but many physicians remain skeptical. In 2004, the Bush administration issued an executive order …
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