Five key trends in assistive technology

Five key trends in assistive technology
For example, a UDL curriculum should offer multiple means of representation (that is, it should give learners various ways of acquiring information … these five trends are critical to defining current state-of-the-art AT; however, technology developers …
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Why technology is the solution to solving digital skills shortages in the media sector
In its Technology … this information and implement tangible change. If they hope to address the growing dearth of digital talent, organisations need to harness the power of data analytics in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their current …
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Nigeria: 5 mobile app trends to look out for in 2016
The mobile app industry is thriving and with technology moving so quickly, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the latest trends … you are primed to take advantage of the trends gearing up to take information technology to the next level.
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