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Collaborative Medical Technology
Tumor. Even the word sounds like a lump, a threat; it sounds like, “too late to do more”. When a radiologist finds one and a physician shares the news with their patient, and if there is surgery, when the patient meets their surgeon, the patient will share …

FGCS 2017 : [Call for Papers] FGCS Special Issue on Advanced Technologies and Systems for collaboration
The high development of Web technologies, pervasive and ubiquitous systems and networks, highly distributed computing systems, and the availability of massive amounts of data have been changing the field of computer supported collaboration, particularly …

Caterpillar and Trimble to expand mining technology collaboration
As part of an ongoing commitment to transform the way mines manage their business, Caterpillar Inc. and Trimble are extending their collaboration to bring mining customers improved operational decision-making capabilities. The collaboration will leverage …
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