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The Campus Center building that was designed by Rem Koolhaas on the campus of The Illnois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

The campus was largely designed by the famous architect Mies van der Rohe, and Rem included photos of Mies van der Rohe into the Campus Center building.

Latest WikiLeaks dump reveals CIA can hack computers, smartphones, even TVs
The documents appear to have been extracted from an internal CIA wiki website that was established to provide … Matthew Sheffield writes about politics, media, and technology for Salon. You can email him via or follow him on …
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The WIKI Technology Hub: WIKI entries and media related to technology related to small business operations. Find more WIKI categories at The WIKI Category Hub. Note: The display of (0 …

13 Wiki Tools Teachers should Know about
This is an online project to add videos to Wikipedia articles. The project is in its beginnings and everyone is invited to contribute their videos according to the guidelines specified in the website.

Gender balance in research: new analytical report reveals uneven progress
Progress is occurring, albeit incrementally and unevenly, which is a sign that efforts to encourage women to enter science, technology, engineering and … applied onomastics, and Wikipedia. The disciplinary breadth of the Scopus database was used to …