Health Information Technology

Bending magnets inside the storage ring
medical information technology
Image by Canadian Light Source
The Canadian Light Source facility.

Health Information Technology
EMR, EHR, PHR, HIE, RHIO. Mental health advocates are familiar with their fair share of strange acronyms, but many are not as familiar with this new set that has been showing up with increasing frequency in the health care literature (see sidebar for …

Extracting value from chaos: The promise of health information technology
A new article takes a sweeping look at a variety of categories of health IT including electronic medical records; health information exchange; telemedicine; patient portals and personal health records; mobile devices, wearable sensors and monitors; and …
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Give Marylanders benefits of health information technology
Health care reform is a divisive issue in Washington, but there is wide agreement on one solution to lower costs and improve care: health information technology, or health IT. Health IT replaces paper medical records with electronic records. This is how I …
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