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Pros and Cons of Electronic Health Records
Yes, send me a copy of this email. You may have noticed during recent medical exams that your doctor or an assistant is typing away as you talk, inputting data into a tablet or computer. What she’s doing is electronically updating the details of your …
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US doctors slow to adopt electronic health records
Despite incentives, just 1 in 6 uses the new technology, study finds. (HealthDay)—Although doctors who are using electronic health records in a meaningful way are eligible for a $ 44,000 bonus from the U.S. government, many still haven’t adopted the new …
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Obamacare’s Electronic-Records Debacle
Starting this year, physicians like myself who treat Medicare patients must adopt electronic health records, known as EHRs, which are digital versions of a patient’s paper charts. If doctors do not comply, our reimbursement rates will be cut by 1% …
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