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People worry about electronic health records is security? #healthIT
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Some States Lag in Using Electronic Health Records
Less than a decade ago, nine out of 10 U.S. doctors updated their patients’ records by hand and stored them in color-coded files. Today, nearly half of all office-based physicians type their clinical notes into computers and maintain electronic files …
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Electronic Health Records & Your Data: Where Does It All Go?
Technology allows doctors to view their patient’s data at the touch of a screen. Viewing records through an electronic health record (such as a radiology information system,) they are able to swiftly access past medical history and vital imaging that could …

Electronic Medical Records Get a Boost
Thanks in part to $ 27 billion in federal funds approved in 2009 to incentivize their use, electronic records have been increasingly adopted in health care. But hospitals and doctors’ offices still experience widespread conflicts when trying to exchange …
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