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Inside the Monument – London
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Image by nick.garrod
The monument was designed in 1671 by Sir Christoper Wren, to commemorate the Great Fire of London. It is202 feet tall – the exact distance it stands from the bakers in Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire of 1666 started.
There are 311 steps to the viewing platform.
This is a view from the bottom.
The staircase is very narrow, not ideal if you have a large camera bag!
I have some infrared pictures taken from the top of the monument in my infrared set.…

Classified Trump-Duterte Call Transcript Leaked by Deep State Stooges in the Philippines
There is a good indication that Rappler may have allowed its platform to be used by the Deep State stooges … [6] When hovered, footnote #6 would display “ABS-CBN News” in Wikipedia, like so. Snapshot of Wikipedia’s “Manila hostage crisis …

wrapped for JavaScript as the jsd2IDebuggerService, allow the debugger to select the code to debug, set breakpoints and watchpoints and otherwise express interest in debuggee behaviors, and inspect the debuggee’s state. The js::dbg2 interfaces operate at a …

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