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Most Americans distrust health information technology: survey
Most Americans don’t trust health information technology largely because of the recent surge in cybersecurity breaches and physicians’ disinterest in adopting it. That was among the findings of a new Black Book national panel poll that surveyed 12,090 …
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RAND Study Says Health Information Technology Can Improve Quality and Efficiency; More Evidence Needed About How to Put the Technology Into Wider Use
“There is good evidence to show that health information technology can provide substantial benefits,” said lead study author Dr. Basit Chaudhry, a RAND researcher and UCLA physician. “What we don’t have is evidence showing most health providers how …

Might blockchain technology aid health information exchange?
Tuesday, I read a New York Times article about a possible successor to Bitcoin called Ethereum, which provides a distributed database (no central repository) for the purpose of tracking financial transactions. I immediately thought of the challenge we have …
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