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Nonprofits repurpose excess medical supplies and equipment as hospitals nationwide toss them out
In a warehouse on Madison’s east side, a collection of discarded medical supplies from hospitals and clinics across the city are stored. Boxes of gloves, catheters, tubes and syringes fill shelves that line the walls and reach the ceiling. Wheelchairs …
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What Do I Need To Do To Be Popular? – A Medical-Grade Wearables Wish List
With an aging global population and a rise in chronic disease, recent years have tested the limits of traditional healthcare systems worldwide. Medical professionals and researchers across the globe have been focused on finding suitable alternatives to …

Leading charge for mental-health education
BOSTON — Three women from Leominster were on hand Thursday to watch as the Senate passed a bill they wrote to give high schools the option of adding mental health education to their health courses. The Senate’s approval of the bill marked a milestone for …
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