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Technology and FM: The Internet Of Things
For many years, facility managers (fms) have heard that in the future the components of their facilities would talk to each other. We have all heard about this vision of facility components working together in unison to increase efficiency and make fms …

6 In-Demand Internet of Things (IoT) Security Technologies
Internet of Things (IoT) security breaches have been dominating the headlines lately. WikiLeaks’s trove of CIA documents revealed that internet-connected televisions can be used to secretly record conversations. Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway …

Markets in Transition: Internet of Things – Will Pallets and Tracking Technology Finally Hook Up?
Pallet user guru, Rick LeBlanc explores the relationship between pallets and tracking technology in a world where the Internet of Things is becoming a reality. Are the traceability rules changing? Pallet Enterprise has been reporting on RFID and pallets …
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