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Loch nan Uamh Viaduct, Highlands, Scotland, UK 11.09.17 (SCOT 10)
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Image by Welsh photographs
Loch nan Uamh Viaduct, Highlands, Scotland, UK 11.09.17 (SCOT 10)

The Loch nan Uamh Viaduct is a railway viaduct that carries the West Highland Line.

The viaduct has eight concrete arches of 50 feet (15 m) span, four each side of a large central concrete pylon. The reason for this design is not known.
The viaduct crosses the Allt a’ Mhama, or Mama Burn, just before it flows into Loch nan Uamh, a sea loch to the north of the Ardnish peninsula.

Immediately to the north of the viaduct is a short tunnel.

In 1987, Professor Roland Paxton, from Heriot-Watt University, investigated the legend that a horse had fallen into a pier during construction of Glenfinnan Viaduct in 1898 or 1899. However, after inserting a fisheye camera into boreholes made into the only two piers large enough to accommodate a horse, no animal remains were found.

In 1997, on the basis of local hearsay, Paxton investigated Loch nan Uamh viaduct using the same method but found only rubble as well.

In 2001, he returned to Loch nan Uamh with the latest microwave scanning technology and found the remains of a horse and cart within the viaduct’s central pylon