Heart Disease-on-a-chip

Heart Disease-on-a-chip
Harvard scientists have merged stem cell and “organ-on-a-chip” technologies to grow, for the first time, functioning human heart tissue carrying an inherited cardiovascular disease. … The work, published in the journal Nature Medicine, is the result …
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Strategic partnership grants awarded to research-teaching collaborations
This group will launch a student and faculty exchange to develop new mathematical and statistical models related to the transition of energy production in Europe and the United States from fossil fuels to renewable technologies. Researchers will …
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The new technologies that will change human civilization as we know it
These new technologies have altered our lifestyle in a way few of us could have imagined a few decades ago. But have we … In 10 years we will look back on our life today and wonder how we could have lived with such primitive technology. The gap …
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Latest Collaborative Technologies News

The Leap to Biosphere Consciousness and Collaboration: An Interview With
… The Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism, Rifkin claims to have uncovered a new paradox at the heart of contemporary capitalism – the end of profit-making through the impact of the new technologies on the market exchange economy.
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Smart introduces new digital capture board
Calgary-based visual collaboration provider Smart Technologies, inventor of the Smart Board interactive whiteboard, has released its new “Smart kapp” digital capture board. The company says that Smart kapp allows users to write, draw and capture ideas …
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Collaborative 'metasurfaces' grant to merge classical and quantum physics
The grant is expected to advance physics and materials science in directions that could lead to very sophisticated lenses, communication technologies, quantum information devices, and imaging technologies. "This is one of the world's strongest possible …
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Are businesses ready for the next generation of creative collaboration

Are businesses ready for the next generation of creative collaboration
… need to be carefully managed if they are to deliver. Collaboration technology can facilitate interactions between staff located in separate sites, but the risk is that it replaces rigid, hierarchical silos with more horizontal – but equally rigid …
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Accenture deploys collaborative workplace technologies at Standard Life to cut
Accenture has deployed collaborative workplace technologies at Standard Life to reduce operating costs — as part of Digital Workplace strategic program. Standard Life's Digital Workplace strategic program is designed to streamline its IT services …
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Collaborative Business Intelligence on the Rise
Dresner, a BI-focused research firm, explains that the growing interest in collaborative BI puts it in the same category as other highly sought-after technologies, including big data and social media. The firm found that the collaborative BI industry …
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Collaborative Technology- Janine Gianfredi, Google

Janine Gianfredi, Creative Agency Lead, discusses agency life using new communication technologies. In Google, landlines are a thing of the past and meeting …

The Essence of Collaborative Technologies

Johna Till Johnson, senior founding partner of Nemertes Research, talks about top challenges that enterprises face in deploying collaborative technologies an…
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