In the medical field there is unlimited potential for the implementation of web based information technology. Although excellent web sites exist which provide useful medical information for patients, there is a lack of useful web solutions that improve the efficiency of everyday tasks and learning opportunities for physicians and medical trainees.

Journey Information Technology is working hard to explore these avenues with several academic institutions.

Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare and medical education through the use of Internet technology.

  • Bring the Internet and healthcare together for the benefit of the caregiver and the patient;
  • Increase communication between patients and caregivers, employees and employers, and members of organizations;
  • Enhance patient satisfaction with our interactive features;
  • Create a personalized healthcare experience for patients;
  • Increase referrals by enhancing visibility on the Internet and maximizing their web presence;
  • Increase the efficiency of learning for medical trainees using information technologies
  • Promote the use of internet technology to improve the efficiency of everyday learning for healthcare professionals and trainees.