Baby’s death spotlights safety risks linked to computerized systems

Baby’s death spotlights safety risks linked to computerized systems
Technology vendors tend to dismiss incidents like the death that occurred at Advocate Lutheran General in Park Ridge as arising from human errors, not product deficiencies. But other experts say health information technologies can lead to mistakes when …
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A thankful reflection on information technology in health and healthcare
I have a wonderful family. I am gainfully employed. Through my work, I’ve had an opportunity to travel the world and learn more about health, healthcare, information technology, and people than I might ever have possibly imagined. Although I sing the …
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Health Information Technology and Patient Outcomes: The Role of Organizational and Informational Complementarities
Health information technology (IT) adoption, it is argued … A non-technical summary of this paper is available in the June 2013 NBER digest. You can sign up to receive the NBER Digest by email. The NBER Bulletin on Aging and Health provides summaries …

A private health care information technology system
Health information technology provides a mechanism for refocusing care delivery around consumers without substantial regulation and industry upheaval. Information technology can result in better care (care that is higher in quality, safer, and more …